#100heads = 1 head x 100 days

On Oct 1, I signed up for the #100heads challenge after a few months of following the hashtag #100heads and seeing the work others were posting.  I’ve been drawing, sketching, painting A4 size portraits intermittently from early March 2017, trying to get my hand back in and continuing to look for a change from the... Continue Reading →


Preparing for a sketch walk in Jakarta

One of the reasons I started blogging was for it to act as an aid to my unreliable and weak memory, a companion from childhood.  And with age it is only becoming worse!  I’m hoping to plunge back into drawing and painting and plan to resurrect this and other blogs slowly to keep a record... Continue Reading →

Back to school again!

It feel good to be back in "school" again.  Signed up for a 15 week programme at the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts (VAFA) and enjoying every minute of it.  Chandraguptha Thenuwara is a great teacher, simple, easy to understand explanations and gives access to great depth of knowledge freely.  The effort below is from... Continue Reading →

Short Poses

Life is hurtling along at top speed! I look over my shoulder and I havent a clue where the time went. Net net I haven't any to paint. Luckily I'm continuing with the Life Drawing Sessions. I missed two traveling and at the last one the model was a no show. Thanks to another participants... Continue Reading →

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