Shaky : Illustration Friday

Shaky beginnings.   Test prints of my first two woodcuts.   I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the fact that what is positive in drawing is negative in relief prints. I’ll get there someday 😛

For the first piece I’ve mostly followed the wood grain and I like the feel and flow.  Like a child I was happy to be able to incorporate the face that I could see in the grain.  The specs are of course an addition and so is the mouth but the rest of the profile was “found”.  I truly enjoy the freedom of doing as I please.

While working on the piece the title that came to mind is “Blind and drowning”    I sent it to a friend  to get some feedback and she saw something in it that I hadn’t but then it became crystal clear.  And then I looked and some more!!   The differences in what we saw reminded me of the TAT test that I had taken  in business school.

The TAT is popularly known as the picture interpretation technique because it uses a standard series of 30 provocative yet ambiguous pictures about which the subject must tell a story. In the case of adults and adolescents of average intelligence, a subject is asked to tell as dramatic a story as they can for each picture, including:

  • what has led up to the event shown
  • what is happening at the moment
  • what the characters are feeling and thinking, and
  • what the outcome of the story was

Source : Wikipedia

If you dare. let me know what you see 😀

Test Print - 1

Test Print - 2Test Print - 1


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