SoFoBoMo – The last day!

Well the day has arrived and I’ve just finished uploading the book – Life on Water! Last minute dash but I don’t think I’d have operated differently had I had more time! The idea, the photographs, the book all have changed from when I first signed up but I was determined to see this to the finish this year. Have to confess that I had lots of help from Ramesh and Anil without which it would never have got to finish! Do have a look and let me know what you think.

Life on Water

The photographs were taken during a recent holiday to Bangkok, Siem Reap and Hong Kong. At our first stop we visited the Floating Market a little outside Bangkok. That planted the seed of a theme relating to water. Discovered that at our next stop I would have access to a Floating Village about an hours drive from Siem Reap. Then there was no stopping me and a supportive husband ensured that I visited Sai Kung in Hong Kong for more water related pics.

This selection leans more towards photographs taken in the Floating Market due to the brighter colors that appeal to me. We were also lucky to have visited the Floating Village at a time when some parts of it were not “floating”. And since the water levels were low, the path where it normally flows was being used as a road and we got to see one of the house on stilts under construction! There were children lurking in the water with catapults to catch rats! And in the village we even got to see a pig sty on stilts!

Much to my dismay I’ve had to leave out the temples, rickshaw pullers, fish, street photographs, snake charmers, wooden sculptures and portrait format pics as they wouldn’t fit in with my theme!! !@#$%^^& and of course I’m going to pretend that those were the brilliant pics! : ) I hope to revisit this book to add some titles for the photographs and to rearrange them a bit.

Click here to see the book Life on Water online and just in case : ) you want to read about the one from year before last click here or just see it on issuu.

It’s been great fun and no pressure as SoFoBoMo sets no benchmarks for quality of photographs selected or the design of the book.  I hope seeing my efforts will encourage you to join me for this project next year!!

SoFoBoMo is short for Solo Photo Book Month – a group event where a bunch of photographers all make solo photo books start to finish in 31 days. SoFoBoMo 2011 is running from 1st July to 31st August. 31 days, 35 photos, 1 pdf


Beautiful Colombo

Shops and restaurants are well appointed in Colombo.   Well, not all of them but enough to give you a sense that this is a part of the city.  And while I wait for my batteries to recharge I thought I’d share a couple of pics from Friday.  The first was taken in a flower shop

flower shop

and the next a restaurant.


SoFoBoMo 2010 is here!

I’ve signed up for SoFoBoMo again!   Now all I have to do is select a 31 day period between June and July and click some pics.   I’m looking forward to it but have yet to fine tune the subject!!   It’s nice to have a project and a deadline, one that I cannot change!

Pony Rides

You can see last years books here – all participants and mine : ).  It’s an interesting project to sign up for and you’ll learn a lot.   It’s open to everybody and has very simple rules – 31 days, 35 pics and 1 pdf.  So check it out, sign up and join me!

Galle Fort

How to take a candid photograph with a point and shoot?

Art morning at Susannah's

Recently there was an interesting post on Photodoto about Photographing people in public places by Elizabeth West. I had left a comment asking how I could go about getting candid photographs. Most of the ones that I’ve taken on the streets of Dhaka look posed. Mainly because the folks in our part of the world are very friendly and the minute they see you taking photographs they’ll come up and ask you to take one of theirs. Like this one on top.

Elizabeth replied to my comment saying that I should try and be inconspicuous and take photographs before people noticed you. I found that I had been doing this already. The problem with this approach was that I needed to be in a car and usually zipping by, shooting whenever I got the opportunity. A lot of moments get missed, some turn out out of focus but you do get an occasional gem. The one below doesn’t fall into the gem category but is one where i haven’t been noticed.


Another way of taking sort of candid photographs was to be part of a group of photographers and then look around for subjects who are not looking at you. I discovered this a few months ago. I’m usually on my own when I take photographs and so have been able to try this method out just twice. The photograph of the two children below is one such example.


One other method suggested by Alexander, in the same thread and one followed by professionals, was to stay in one location for a while till people had lost interest in you and then take the kind of photographs you need. These would make for some truly candid photographs and it is something I plan to try.

A different Dhaka

Ricoh ad

This morning, the art group at Susannah’s was scheduled to go out and sketch in public. A first for us as a group.  We were meeting after a break of a couple of weeks and ended up being 3 instead of the usual 5.   We decided instead to spend the morning on foot taking photographs of city life in Dhaka.  We walked around Gulshan Lake initially but were soon in narrow lanes with only foot and rickshaw traffic.  A different Dhaka from the one I usually see.  And it was beautiful.  I hope we do it again soon.

My excuses for not having better photographs to show you are 😀  I had a point and shoot and the sun was very very bright. I really missed not being able to zoom beyond 4X.  A DSLR is steadily climbing up the ladder on my wish list. Here are a few of the photographs taken. Most were disappointing because of issues of light and distance.  I plan to step in closer to take the shot next time and if that is not possible, skip it.

Art morning at Susannah's

Art morning at Susannah's    Art morning at Susannah's

The pen & ink sketch is on beige colored hand made paper in a 5″X 6.5″ notebook.   The background is showing up a bit dark as it has been clicked without a flash in incandescent light. The photo ref is a Ricoh ad from an old issue of National Geographic on Egypt.