SoFoBoMo – The last day!

Well the day has arrived and I've just finished uploading the book - Life on Water! Last minute dash but I don't think I'd have operated differently had I had more time! The idea, the photographs, the book all have changed from when I first signed up but I was determined to see this to... Continue Reading →


Beautiful Colombo

Shops and restaurants are well appointed in Colombo.   Well, not all of them but enough to give you a sense that this is a part of the city.  And while I wait for my batteries to recharge I thought I'd share a couple of pics from Friday.  The first was taken in a flower... Continue Reading →

A different Dhaka

This morning, the art group at Susannah's was scheduled to go out and sketch in public. A first for us as a group.  We were meeting after a break of a couple of weeks and ended up being 3 instead of the usual 5.   We decided instead to spend the morning on foot taking photographs... Continue Reading →

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