Every day can’t be a Sunday

The Art Group met at my home this morning. Having recently read about How to throw a Portrait Party we decided to try it out while waiting for the others to arrive. The first one is a 2 minute pose and the second a 5. Discovered when I went to get the link just now that the second pose is supposed to be for 10 minutes. Will fix that next time.

Art Group Thursday Art Group Thursday

We were just 3 this morning and the plan was to continue to draw the African sculpture. You can see my earlier attempt from last week and the time before here. Today I messed it up quite badly driving home the point that I need to spend time on drawing ellipses, cylinders etc. Also need more practice of drawing figures, hands and feet! 😀

Art Group Thursday Art Group Thursday

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Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation – 2

Hard at work

Todays lesson was about expressing emotions using line and then using spontaneity in making an “action” painting.

sorrow   rage
Spontaneity and action

Homework is to do more of these with a title for each piece and an analysis of what we see in the results.

We found the small coffee table restrictive and by the time the second exercise came around the chairs were deserted for the floor.

Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation

Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation

A month ago we had an introductory session with Javed Jalil and had a brief taste of things to come. Towards the end, Javed asked each of us to draw a line on the paper pinned on the board and he used those lines to produce the drawing shown above. We were then asked to sign it to mark the occassion. We were hooked.

The first of the lessons took place earlier this evening.   We talked about what a drawing was, the various types and elements.  We then spent time talking about  line and had a few exercises in between.  I’m looking forward to next Sunday!
1 Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation1 Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation1 Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation