Mr Bean at an Art Class

Mr Bean has never been one of my favourite shows and I usually avoid watching it. I preferred Rowan Atkinson in the Black Adder series and even in the Thin Blue Line.  All these I have watched because of a husband who is fond of Rowan Atkinson and his brand of humour.

One of the things that I enjoy most about surfing are the jumps.  I can keep myself busy for half a day or more from links found in one blog.  Take today for example, one link lead to another and having started from Making a mark I jumped to the Daily Painters Art Gallery and from there arrived at a post in the Painting a Day art blog.  While scrolling down looking at the art work I came across a post with this Mr Bean episode and was intrigued enough to have a look.  I’m glad I did as it had me in splits.   I was waiting to share it with my husband when he got home from work but he’d seen it on TV a couple of days ago.  He did wonder how I had got around to watching a Mr Bean video 😀 The things one does for love.  Keeping the link handy to watch again and if you’ve decided to watch, I hope you enjoy it too!