Back to school again!

It feel good to be back in “school” again.  Signed up for a 15 week programme at the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts (VAFA) and enjoying every minute of it.  Chandraguptha Thenuwara is a great teacher, simple, easy to understand explanations and gives access to great depth of knowledge freely.  The effort below is from my first class where I was making an attempt at capturing a still life setting.  An understanding of perspective, foreshortening is amongst the things that I’d hoped I’d pick up on my own over the last two years but I guess this is the easier way!   Plus a class will ensure that I measure instead of just eyeballing the distances, angles and sizes cause that’s one place where I’m messing up! : )

s1 at vafa

The Life Drawing sessions at Sapumal continue and i hope these Sunday drawings will see some progress based on the inputs I’m getting in the Saturday class.

12 (17) - ld at sapumal


Short Poses

7 (9) - LD @ Sapumal July 31, 2011

Life is hurtling along at top speed! I look over my shoulder and I havent a clue where the time went. Net net I haven’t any to paint. Luckily I’m continuing with the Life Drawing Sessions.

7 (9) - LD @ Sapumal July 31, 2011

I missed two traveling and at the last one the model was a no show. Thanks to another participants insistence we took time to pose for each other. Mostly short poses of 1, 5 and 10 minutes. Turned out to be good fun.

7 (9) - LD @ Sapumal July 31, 2011

Life Drawing & Drawing Day

Drawing Day 4

We had our second drawing session with a model at Sapumal earlier today.  It’s been over a month since the last time we met but it looks like the pace will pick up now.  It will be a more regular event and I’m truly looking forward to that.  Took me 5-6 poses to get comfortable again and it was time to leave!  The image above is from the last pose and it’s also the one I like the most.

I was so pleased that today’s session coincided with Drawing Day 2011 as I could participate with these drawings for that too. For all those who missed their reminders online, scribble, sketch and/or draw and put them up for Drawing Day 2011.  It ends tonight.  And for those artists who live in Colombo and are interested in joining our Life Drawing group, get in touch by leaving me a comment here.

Life drawing after a long break

Life drawing

Attended a Life drawing session yesterday after a long break.  While I’ve worked with this model before it was tough to start again, especially when dealing with proportions.  We started late and had to leave early and so managed just one 15-20 min pose. Worked on this one drawing.  However, we did get to take a lot of reference shots after that short session.   Hoping to paint from a few of them.

Mr Bean at an Art Class

Mr Bean has never been one of my favourite shows and I usually avoid watching it. I preferred Rowan Atkinson in the Black Adder series and even in the Thin Blue Line.  All these I have watched because of a husband who is fond of Rowan Atkinson and his brand of humour.

One of the things that I enjoy most about surfing are the jumps.  I can keep myself busy for half a day or more from links found in one blog.  Take today for example, one link lead to another and having started from Making a mark I jumped to the Daily Painters Art Gallery and from there arrived at a post in the Painting a Day art blog.  While scrolling down looking at the art work I came across a post with this Mr Bean episode and was intrigued enough to have a look.  I’m glad I did as it had me in splits.   I was waiting to share it with my husband when he got home from work but he’d seen it on TV a couple of days ago.  He did wonder how I had got around to watching a Mr Bean video 😀 The things one does for love.  Keeping the link handy to watch again and if you’ve decided to watch, I hope you enjoy it too!