Portrait swap with Arindam


Swap with Arindam for the Portrait Party blog. These quick sketches like participating in Illustration Friday are low pressure 🙂 There was no hesitation when Arindam wrote asking for a swap. I need to make sure though that the pens have various levels of ink. With this new refill I was unable to get additional values that I had managed with the same pen just the day before when it was running out of ink! Nor have I learnt the various cross hatching methods to get these variations. I dont intend to either as these undisciplined lines appeal to me more.


Portrait Swap with Lindsay

It was great doing a swap with Lindsay for the Portrait Party blog. Once I’d seen the fun photos that she’d sent, I felt I had to match them with at least an equivalent one. “Regal Nostrils” as Lindsay laughingly named it has been made using once such. I’m glad she picked that ref and I’m delighted with the result.

Lindsay’s portrait of me for the swap

A friends daughter had earlier examined the photograph carefully and proclaimed that there weren’t any boogers! And I can tell you I was very relieved as the thought of checking hadn’t crossed my mind when it was uploaded.


4″ X 6″ Pen & Ink sketch

This sketch made of Lindsay started off as a trial attempt at the back of an envelope. It turned out ok and was quickly mailed out to her before I could change my mind. You can read more about this swap on Straight Lines Out and on the Portrait Party blog.

Three, Four and Five

Self Portrait

In yesterdays post, I talked about the first two of my Going Nuts in November projects. This post expands on the other three 😀

The third project. While reading about Nanowrimo I can across Nablopomo, which is about blogging everyday for a month. Sounded like a good idea to me but when I went to sign up I realised that it was for the month of November. Did that stop me?? And now for everyday in November, I’ll be attempting to make a post a day.

The fourth project.

71979-final-1.jpg ppw - final
And then came the realisation that last year, around this time, I’d taken part for the first time in the 3rd Annual Portrait swap being held at WetCanvas! How could I not participate again? And so I signed up for that too. 😀 ( The portraits above are from last years swap )

And the fifth acitivity is attending an art appreciation course with either Rokeya Sultana or Javed Jalil at the Art Club Gallery. I have to go over in the next couple of days to sign up.  I’d like to take sessions with both of them but then I think I’ll be asking for more trouble 😀

Now that you know the whole story – Wish me luck!

About the painting at the top of this post. One more wip. Started this self portrait several nights back. I’m hoping to progress it further before my hair grows back! There is a slight tilt to the head as I was peeping from behind the easel to look into the full length mirror on my cupboard. Oil on a 10″ X 12″ canvas.

Portrait swap with Jana


My portrait of Jana. I had a choice but the smile in this one and the raised eybrows were too much to reisist but both of which havent come through! C’est la vie 😛 It’s been great doing this swap. I feel I ‘ve got to know both Casey and Jana a bit better.

Jana very sweetly tackled both the photos that I sent her and you can see them here. I especially love the one of me laughing as coz that’s the way I usually am – ever the optimist!

I’ve mentioned the Portrait Party in the earlier post. This one is headed there too and I’ll update the post as soon as I have a link. I’ve enjoyed both the swaps and If any of you would like to do one with me leave me a comment. I may not be able to make it immediately but I’d love to continue swapping.

Forgot to add that I used two new sets of conte crayons for this piece – sketching ‘n portrait. I had expected them to be richer and creamier than the Sudha crayons that I had been using. They have the same feel as regular pastels – dry, powdery and messy! I made several trips to the dustbin to dust off the surface before going forward.

Update : October 2, 2007 : The post with this swap on The Portrait Party.

Conte Crayons on 10″ X 15″ Canson Barbizon paper