Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation – 2

Hard at work

Todays lesson was about expressing emotions using line and then using spontaneity in making an “action” painting.

sorrow   rage
Spontaneity and action

Homework is to do more of these with a title for each piece and an analysis of what we see in the results.

We found the small coffee table restrictive and by the time the second exercise came around the chairs were deserted for the floor.


On the 5th day of ….. Nablopomo :D


This quick sketch has been based on a photograph, taken by Zahedul I Khan, that appeared on the cover of last weeks Daily Star weekend magazine.

Pen & ink wash in my 8″X 12″ sketchbook.

I know it is a bit early for Christmas songs but this (sent to me a few weeks ago by a friend on Facebook) reminded me of 30 days of Nablopomo and I thought that I’d share it with you here.

Phoenix – Illustration Friday


The bit of research, that I sometimes do, adds to the pleasure of putting together an entry for Illustration Friday every week. This week I discovered that references have been made to the Phoenix in myths across the world!

In Indian mythology we refer to the Phoenix as Garuda. He is said to have had a golden body, red wings, an eagles beak, a white face and a crown. And while I dont know about rising from the ashes, Garuda, a lesser deity, is said to have had Soma the drink of immortality. And because of this he was chosen to be the mount of Vishnu, the Preserver, a part of the Trimurti in Hindu Religion.

Check out many more interpretations on

Patience is a virtue – Illustration Friday



But it isnt one of mine. I baked my first cake when I was 35 for my husband’s birthday. My friends convinced me that I could not go wrong with a Betty Crocker mix (or was it Sara Lee product?) I decided to make it for the Birthday Party. To cut a long story short. While it was baking I couldnt resist and took quite a few peeks. Net result the centre’d caved in while baking. My friends rushed over, cut it in two slices and put one on top of the other and covered the evidence with icing. No one would’ve realised as the cover up job had been good but I confessed 😛 My husband liked it and so did the rest. After all it was a Betty Crocker (or was it Sara Lee??) I havent baked another – it was like a been there done that kind of thing for me.


I wanted mine to look like a clean illustration and so i first sketched the drawings on paper and kept reworking it till I was satisfied. I found it a bit difficult to imagine how the arm/leg/foot would bend and the angle. i traced them on paper and colored them in. One thing I’ve messed up (the one that i’ve noticed :P) is the angle of the oven door. Also I should’ve used better paper as this wasnt absorbing any water. And one more thing – the mitt has been made in the shape of a heart 😀

Sorry – Illustration Friday

Ever since I saw the topic the Tracy Chapman song has been going on in my head. I'm hoping that once I've finished with the post it will stop playing! I tried really hard to come up with something else


but it's already Wednesday and so I finally succumbed to the urge.


Is all that you cant say
Years gone by and still
Words dont come easily
Like sorry like sorry