Portrait swap with Jana


My portrait of Jana. I had a choice but the smile in this one and the raised eybrows were too much to reisist but both of which havent come through! C’est la vie 😛 It’s been great doing this swap. I feel I ‘ve got to know both Casey and Jana a bit better.

Jana very sweetly tackled both the photos that I sent her and you can see them here. I especially love the one of me laughing as coz that’s the way I usually am – ever the optimist!

I’ve mentioned the Portrait Party in the earlier post. This one is headed there too and I’ll update the post as soon as I have a link. I’ve enjoyed both the swaps and If any of you would like to do one with me leave me a comment. I may not be able to make it immediately but I’d love to continue swapping.

Forgot to add that I used two new sets of conte crayons for this piece – sketching ‘n portrait. I had expected them to be richer and creamier than the Sudha crayons that I had been using. They have the same feel as regular pastels – dry, powdery and messy! I made several trips to the dustbin to dust off the surface before going forward.

Update : October 2, 2007 : The post with this swap on The Portrait Party.

Conte Crayons on 10″ X 15″ Canson Barbizon paper


Casey and about trading portraits


I’ve been wanting to trade portraits for a while. What got me started was a portrait swap that I did over at WetCanvas! and I have this lovely painting to show for it. Then six months later I read about digital swaps at Rama Hughes blog “The Portrait Party“. It gave me a reason to consider approaching fellow group members for a swap. And I asked Jana and later Casey.

They both agreed at different times but coincidentally I received their photo references on the same day 😀 And then while I was looking , admiring and deciding which reference to use and what medium to work with, the first drawing was on my screen! Casey’d emailed her drawing of me. Wow! It was beautiful and she had been so quick. I was expecting at least a week or two to pass by before getting to see the results.

Feeling the pressure, I sat down yesterday with Casey’s photograph and drew with a Derwent “light wash” pencil that I’d been meaning to try out. This is the result after adding strokes with the “dark wash” pencil and then water over parts of the drawing this evening.

Casey has always been very encouraging and supportive and I really appreciate it as I’m sure do many other edm’ers. Thank you Casey!

Update : October 1, 2007 : Rama has put this swap up over at the Portrait Party blog.

Pencil on 10″ X 15″ Canson Barbizon paper

Draw a souvenir – EDM 78

Masai Lady - EDM  # 78

We went shopping in Nairobi at the tail end of our holiday in 2001 and came across this beautifully carved masai lady and her partner. They were unfinished and had just been delivered by the artist to the shop. Both needed to be sanded and polished but we liked them as they were. The pieces were made from one piece of wood, almost two feet tall and weighed over 10kgs each. We had to choose one. I chose her and still think about the man we had to leave behind. I havent managed to capture her beauty. Her maker is definitely a master craftsman.

Charcoal in my sketchbook – 8″ X 10″

Draw whatever you want – EDM # 98

Dinesh Pastel - WIP

I was working on an oil portrait of Dinesh’s and decided to try one more with pastels for this EDM challenge. Noticed today that I had uploaded it to Flickr but forgotten to post it here 😦 Luckily there are no deadlines for these challenges.  I think I may have wanted to make some more changes but I’m off for a 3 week holiday starting tomorrow so it is unlikely to happen.

Corrugated cardboard that came along with some Amazon books 😀 as packing material has been used here.  It’s approximately 8″ X 11″.  I thought that the lines between the layers would make interesting patterns.  For the first time I realised that oil pastels can get messy too.  I had bits of black pastel all over the place and not just on the cardboard.

Draw a card – EDM Challenge # 95

card option for bhamans

I had holiday cards on my mind for a while now because of the EDM challenge.  I thought of making one for Diwali, an Indian festival where we do send out cards but that’s just finished .   Recently I tried out a tutorial to make Pop art after Andy Warhol and it struck me that the format could be used for a card.  Gave the idea to my younger sister and she wanted to see what it would look like.  Here is where i’ve left it at.  Not totally satisfied but not savvy or patient enough to be able to manipulate the photos better.

Not part of the tutorial but while trying this I’ve learnt to get text to follow a path.  Yay!  I’m updating the earlier post with the details as several visits through search engines have been due to that post.

It does not qualify to be an EDM Challenge as it isnt hand drawn but I’m using this as a way to jumpstart my way back into the challenges.  Water is what stopped me short and I have to go back and tackle that soon.

Ears Challenge – EDM #79

Ears EDM Challenge

It’s been too long since I did a challenge and many have gone by that I was simply dying to do. one that comes to mind is the recipe one and i still intend to do that one and all the others 😀

all these are of my left ear. i wasnt able to keep my head still 😀 long enough to finish the drawing. the angle was changing just marginally as i’d try to lean forward to have a proper look. for the last one i decided to wait, look, wait some more and then started to draw. the one thing that i’d messed up for all the earlier ones was the angle at which it is attached to the side of my face. even in this last one while getting in the black of the hair at the base of the ear i’ve taken it a few mm in and it looks as though the ear is sticking out. shall fix that in my sketch book. and i’m not even going to discuss the shading.

but surprise surprise – i enjoyed making them and still like them inspite of all the faults. they are of my ear after all!

I have three new additions to my pen collection – A Lamy Safari Fine – gift from my dad, and a LAMY Joy Calligraphy 1.5 and a Rotring Art Pen 1.1 from my brother-in-law. Tried them all out on this one. including a different colored ink. I’ve always been like a kid with a new toy as far as stationery is concerned but now it applies to all art supplies 😀

Update: I decided to draw my husbands ear for further practice.

I like the one on the right and he the left!

Sports Challenge – EDM #71

Sports Challenge EDM #71

I am by no means a football fan.  Thought long and hard but couldnt come up with any sports that I am currently inclined to be a fan of.  But my husband has been torn between watching football, cricket and general tv.  So football which is everywhere I turn (Bangladesh is a football crazy nation too) has been the subject for this challenge.  This Saudi player was a part of one of the several football photographs which appeared in yesterdays Daily Star, Dhaka.

Fear – EDM # 70


Fear of Darkness, Drowning and Death.  And one more that doesnt start with a D which my husband pointed out to me – Loneliness

My fear of darkness has reduced considerably over the years but I still dont like it when it is pitch dark and i'm stuck there all alone.   A friends mother taught me a short prayer to chant and I've used it and find that it does help! 

White Elephant – EDM #68

white elephant
Thursday morning my screen froze. I restarted and got a blank display. Took it to the service personnel only to find out that the mother board needs to be replaced. I havent even had it for a year :(. So now I have my very own white elephant. The silver lining on this dark and thunderous cloud is that i will definitely have more time to draw ‘n paint!

UPDATE: July 8, 2006: Good news!  I have my PB back in action.  Yay! Took it to the Genius Bar at the new Manhattan Apple Store.  A wonderful “genius” by the name of Arion advised me of a flat service charge option for 350usd.  Sent it in and it was back with me in a weeks time with regular progress emails while waiting.  And it was the motherboard that needed replacing which cost 900usd ++  Since I had almost given up on my PB and had gone to the store expecting to upgrade to another I was happy with the option provided to me.  I must add that I was very impressed with the friendliness of the folks at the Apple Store.  My father who accompanied me couldnt stop talking about them either.

Amma 2 – EDM #67

Amma 2

We had house guests and my mother wasnt sitting still for even moment.  And when there were opportunities like when she was sitting down to eat so was I!  One day I finished eating earlier AND I remembered that I had to make a sketch.  I was sneaky as my mother can get very self-conscious.  She was at the head of the table peeling and dicing mangoes for our dessert. I sat across her and did this sketch everytime she got back to the task. The rest of the time she was talking to my sister's in-laws who were visiting.  I got a little bit more than 15 minutes and couldnt ask her to sit longer as she was busy.

I showed it to her at the end and she sadly told me that I'd made her look very old and did she really have jowls?  I guess those are because she had her head bent while peeling.  I think having seen my earlier drawing of hers she was better prepared 😀 I liked her comments now and earlier, because they were honest and heartfelt.  I love my mother very much and she has spent her life devoted to her 3 children.  She is very proud of us and like most mothers thinks that her 3 are the best in the world.  It is unconditional and something that we take for granted.

Earlier Post on the same topic – Amma