Picasso at the Met

Picasso : Jacqueline with a Headband III

I had a wonderful treat yesterday with a visit to the Picasso exhibition at the Met.  While I have seen paintings by him in several museums I have not seen so many (486) all displayed in one space and the huge collection of drawings and prints and some of the actual plates in terracotta with black slip (!!)

The Dreamer

I also enjoyed the 3 videos put together on 12 paintings with the results of the forensic work undertaken by the conservators.    The videos showed the (sometimes many) earlier paintings under the surface and also the changes made to the painting before it got to where it is at now.  Fascinating!  Unfortunately I cant find links to them online.

And of course there were several paintings that I had not seen earlier even in books.   And as always I’m surprised with the impact created by the actual size of the work – small or large – which can never be felt through the image seen in a book or online.

While hunting for links for this post I discovered that you could enjoy what I saw from the comfort of your home.   You can start with the video about the exhibition by the curator of the show, Gary Tinterow

followed by viewing the pieces on display through their wonderfully detailed online catalogue.

I did go and see the Impressionists Collection again and enjoyed it even more this time around.  The only exhibit that i was a bit disappointed with was the one they have on American Women.   I plan to head back there at least once more to see their Modern, Asian, Japanese and African collections.


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