Changeover (via Maya)

Maya, is and has been my main blog for a while now. It holds finished work and a record of events, press etc.. Of late my work is going through change and I havent had finished pieces to post there. Decided instead to change the layout and freshen up things a bit : ) There are some hiccups with the layout which I hope to sort out soon.

Changeover This site has had a mini changeover.   The colours and layout have changed and the focus on the main page is in on a current favourite piece with a slide show of recently finished work.  This blog which is now being updated infrequently has moved off the main page. … Read More

via Maya


2 thoughts on “Changeover (via Maya)

  1. I like the fresh layout. Always is nice to change the layout and theme of blogs after a few months, just like rearranging the furniture in a room. Feels good to come back to a familiar place, but with a fresh look!

  2. i used to love rearranging furniture but with the moves we make that need has just vanished! but a change on maya was long overdue and i was desperately hunting for something to post 😛 i like that in this theme the colour changes each time you change the image. i’m happy to have a possibility of at least minor change without much effort. i’m also happy to move the focus from the blog coz i’m not going to be in a position to update that too regularly for a while. 😛

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