Sketching at the Galle Fort

horse taking a breather between rides

Sketching is so much more fun when you have company.   I’d got so rusty even with drawing as paint is a much more forgiving medium and you can keep going over something till you fix it. Sketching is even tougher having to capture a scene quickly or you have to tackle perspective!!!  I’m shaky on both but some of it is coming back….. slowly!!  And I had lots of fun.

We had a friend visiting who keeps a record of his travels through sketches in small and mid-sized journals.  They’re usually of buildings, seascapes or landscapes.  With me, he is willing to take a break from his usual subjects and occasionally try some of mine.  When he’d last visited us we were based in Dhaka.  We chose the local wholesale market on the banks of the Buri Ganga to sketch and almost created a riot there among the curious street urchins.  This visit we went to the Galle Fort and while people were curious we didn’t draw a crowd which was nice as we could get on with the sketching.

dutch church

All 3 sketches were made while sightseeing at the Galle Fort.   The horse or is it a pony (??)  was being given a break in between rides and was busy chomping down on grass.  We plonked ourselves down beside him to sketch.  He left quickly or so it seemed to find his next ride and we moved on to find ourselves something that would hold a pose a while longer.  The Dutch Church seemed like a good subject as it was beautiful and wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I found it difficult to work on values with the pen and the perspective is wonky.   The last is a sketch of a cow though it appears to be a mother and child pose : )   The cow moved it’s head when i was half way for the first one and I felt more confident after the first attempt to try a quick second sketch at the back.   And that heart shape was there on her head though it looks a bit foolish in my sketch.



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