I’ve passed a few Stations

It took me a while to figure out that enjoyment lies in the journey and not the destination.   And while it sounds a bit over dramatic I pray that with art I continue on this adventure with no end in mind.

I was listening to a TEDx talk on music, one of my other interests, where towards the end the speaker talks about how to spot a beginner from a pro.   It applies to painting as well.  On this wonderful ride I’ve hopped onto the slow train it seems.  But it moves and I’ve past a few Stations.

When the way ahead is daunting, take a break and look behind to mark your progress however slow it might seem.  Acknowledging that will able you to move ahead with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

KMP 32/100

My niece and nephew and she’s just giving him a friendly hug even though it doesn’t seem so in my painting 😀

If you have an interest in music and Indian music in particular do listen to Dhanashree Pandit-Rai on the subject at TEDx Mumbai earlier this month.

KMP’s are skill building exercises advised by Kevin Macpherson in his book Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color. I started these in 2007 and am continuing with it in 2010. If you want to know more about this set of exercises click here.


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