Postponement of gratification

The title for this post is lifted from Robert Genn’s recent letter on Chunking. I’ve put below a quote from it.

Understanding and learning worthwhile new skills……… requires focus, repetition, a willingness to apply self-determined rules, and the postponement of gratification

KMP 34/100

I was stuck in a rut after the excitement of the Biennale.  Spent the next few months just not painting and feeling miserable.   Decided it was time to learn new skills and started work on some incomplete exercises.  I guess I’ve been in chunking mode for a few months now.

Some more KMP’s.  The ones above were made after viewing two of Peggi Kroll-Roberts videos.  I’m delighted with the content.  I have all six as they reminded me of the exercises in Charles Soveks book which I have long delayed working on.    You’ll be seeing more work based on these and other recently acquired (generous, supportive family : ) )  goodies in subsequent posts.

KMP 33/100  wip 1 KMP 33/100

KMP 31/100

KMP’s are skill building exercises advised by Kevin Macpherson in his book Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color. I started these in 2007 and am continuing with it in 2010. If you want to know more about this set of exercises click here.


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