Struggling for form and likeness

Oil painting is likely to go the way of digital painting until I have more control.  I’m over blending in this medium sometimes inadvertently as the layer below hasn’t dried.  While I do love this quality of oils, the pleasure of moving paint around, I often do not like the over blended result.  The patchy kind of work where the strokes are distinct appeals to me more.   Maybe I should use Liquin to speed up the drying process.

kmp 27/100 reworked

KMP 26 & 27.  Stopping at the half hour mark continues to be a goal which I’m struggling to get at.  The answer may be to start a new larger painting which I could switch to after crossing the half an hour mark on the starts.

kmp 26/100

KMP’s are skill building exercises advised by Kevin Macpherson in his book Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color. I started these in 2007 and am continuing with it in 2010. If you want to know more about this set of exercises click here.


9 thoughts on “Struggling for form and likeness

  1. KMP 26 is wonderful. Again, because of the way you have painted-in the light. There is a special quality to this painting that appeals to me. Anil.

  2. thanks anil : ) unfortunately i have not located too many references with such a contrast of light and shadow. i also have to work out the kind / direction of light that will give me this effect and then find a few “bakras” to photograph : ) any tips?

  3. you’re right. : ) it is a very versatile medium. i really like the first of the two links that you’ve sent especially the composition.

    the problem is that i havent gained sufficient proficiency in oils having used mainly acrylics over the years. with every sitting the painting it gets more and more blended till it looks something like this which i worked on for a month
    ppw - final

    in acrylics it is easier coz it dries so quickly. here is an example of a more painterly one of mine. i’m looking for something along these lines across mediums.

    of the two above the first one appeals to me more coz the strokes are visible and the distict color patches but there are a lot of mistakes. in the second one when i went to fix the mistakes i ended up over blending it 😦 and now large areas have the same colour.

    i’m trying to work at it so that my finished pieces look more like the first and not the second in terms of strokes. i intend to do a series of a 100 and hopefully i’ll be better at the end of it. : )

    thanks for leaving me a comment – here and on flickr.

  4. thanks anil. have read and bookmarked both : ) waiting for my first digital slr which will allow me external flashes. i saw some being taken with a flash on the sides behind one of those white umbrellas and a front flash. beautiful portraits.

  5. lovely ref shot you gave me to work with. i was camera assistant for some shots for this guy and saw how he was taking them hence the mention.

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