KMP 19/100

Another attempt at finishing a 100 starts that I started way back in 2007.  There are still more than required details in this piece but I’m closer to getting it right. This start is based on a photo I’d taken of a couple on the beach in Mt Lavinia, Colombo.


Instructions pasted below for easy reference.

A “start” is defined as blocking in of the main colours on to your canvas. The finished “start” is supposed to look poster like with bold flat shapes and the advice is to paint the shapes of colours and not things. They’re supposed to look a bit abstract.

The instructions are
to make a small black & white line drawing on paper with a marker and separate the shadows from the light areas by filling it in solid black and then move on to a canvas
1. paint the lightest light
2. paint the darkest dark
3. paint the easiest colour – the one that comes straight from the tube without mixing
4. establish the shadow pattern
5. fill in the lights ( the darkest light has to be brighter than the lightest shadow colour)
6. move on to the next one.

These are on pieces of canvas with a painted area of approx. 10″ X 8″

KMP’s are skill building exercises advised by Kevin Macpherson in his book Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color.  I started these in 2007 and am continuing with it in 2010.  If you want to know more about this set of exercises click here.


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