Extracting a line drawing using Photoshop

Preparing for a short trip away from home, I decided to carry a sketchbook. While selecting the pens I would carry, I tried a couple out on the cover. Very quick. Very loose. and for me Very nice (It must be the Egon Schiele kind of feel that it gave me : ) I had a look at some of his drawings while making this post for a link but it’s not even close to his kind of work but that’s what this reminded me of. Maybe it was the sad expression?? emaciated look? ) but then there was the background of the sketchbook which was coming in the way.

sketch sketch extract

I’m sure there are plenty of ways to do it but I used “how to select a colour” from e-how to get the finished result. At first I selected the blue and cut it out but that led to cutouts of the missing letter across the face.  Undo’s back to the beginning.  I then repeated the colour selection and replaced it with the grey of the background colour using an ink dropper to select it.  A couple of trial and error steps and liberal use of the eraser I was left with the image on the right.  Would’ve been much easier had I brought along the wacom tablet!

Ideally, I’d have liked to retain the texture of the paper and the weight of the lines but that’s another experiment for another day!


2 thoughts on “Extracting a line drawing using Photoshop

  1. thanks krishnoo. and you can and more. just that you’ve got rusty and need a bit of practice. try it if the kids allow you some time and you’ll enjoy it.

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