Tip : Spot the Flaws with Flipped Images

Here’s a tip on using your computer to spot your drawing/painting flaws.  I was too lazy to grab my camera and take photos of two recent drawings that i did and used the webcam and Photo Booth instead.  What i got was the images reversed and what I saw was a whole bunch of flaws glaring back at me 😀  This is another tool that I will use to spot mistakes in future.  I’ve put a the two examples side by side for you to see.  The first in each set is how you would view it and the second the mirror image.

Photo Booth flipped 1

2nd attempt flipped 2

Didn’t want to go around holding paintings in front of my laptop webcam and googled only to be reminded that flipping images is easy on a mac 😛  Use Preview and use the Flip Horizontal command under the Tools Menu and off you go.  The two below are of a portrait that was started recently.
no name - wip flipped


3 thoughts on “Tip : Spot the Flaws with Flipped Images

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  1. I’ve used this technique before too – I hold my work-in-progress up to a mirror I have in my studio. A very quick and easy way to see if something is a little off.
    When you’re absorbed in your drawing, it can be so difficult to remove yourself enough to see where you’ve strayed.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you Christy. I too use the mirror and try and step back while painting. All this is for in between sessions when I do not have the painting in front of me. When I upload the image and see it in a smaller size i see things that i’ve missed sometimes because the actual painting is larger or I cant step back far enough or there hasn’t been enough time away from the piece or just seeing the reference and the image in the same size side by side. Also now with the flipped images i can see errors which were missed out with the earlier process. It also allows me the option of working on them digitally to see which of the changes that i have in mind make sense. Lastly these images keep a track of my progress. I have a terrible memory and a record like this is very necessary.

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