I’m on week three, day two of the twelve week journaling programme from Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artists Way“.   All kinds of thoughts and ideas are bubbling into my head and spilling over into the notebooks filled with my out of practice, illegible handwriting.  I’m not so sure I’ll be able to decipher them at the end!

Billy Joel’s song Honesty is for the thoughts currently milling about in my head.   I was thinking about honesty as related to what i put on my blog about my work.  Would love to get your opinion and if you dont agree with the two options I’ve given leave me your suggestion under “others” or as a comment.

Doing this exercise for the second time having gained immensely from it the last time – inspite of not following instructions.  This time I’m trying to do it right.  I have to thank my friend, Rajika for introducing me to the book in 2005 and to Julia Cameron for the incredible advice.  Thank you!   And if you havent tried it it’s an exercise well worth going through.  Take the time to do it.  You wont regret it.


2 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Well, I left my vote but I thought I’d write too – it’s up to you how much you feel comfortable with. I’m often mulling over this as I think an artist needs to be honest and open up to a certain extent. But to what extent, that is the million dollar question! I still don’t know!

    I keep putting this book on my wishlist and then taking it off again but your post has made me decide to go for it! I’m glad you are doing this, your journey is always so interesting!

  2. thanks felicity for sharing your views : ) i havent come to any conclusions as yet either. when i first started out i was completely honest about the negative aspects and embarrassed to write about the positive ones. i got feedback from friends who told me to keep such thoughts to myself. while writing this to you the thought that popped in my head is to put all that honesty in a journal and keep it for my personal viewing pleasure.

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