A new country

My blog crossed the 1,00,000 hits mark and didn’t even get a mention here from me but I did notice. Life has been hurtling along at an unbelievable pace. It’s been action packed and for the most part hugely enjoyable.  I’m happy that I managed to paint some in the last month.
Mt. Lavinia Beach
The nomadic existence continued. We moved from one country to another and exchanged one hotel for another. Knowing that we’d be staying for a month I had sent some 8″ x 8″ linen panels and paints with my husband on an earlier trip. Usually something this small i’d fill up with a face :P.   For the first one, I resisted my natural urge and painted in a figure. Soon after, very ambitiously, I started painting my largest canvas yet, a 36″ X 48″. The room had a narrow entrance (less that 4′ in width) which was not carpeted, suitable for me to lay down a bunch of newspapers, squeeze in and paint. The only real problem was that I couldn’t step back and needed to prop the painting in front of the TV to see it as a whole. One evening after I’d finishing work on the bigger piece I found the palette had big gobs of paint left in it. I had a great time using it up for the second panel on the right. The bigger piece is going to be a part of an exhibition here in Colombo (yay!) and is worthy of it’s own separate post on Maya.
Two nights ago we moved into our home. The house is in a huge mess and i think it’s going to be a few days before I can pick up those brushes again.


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