An offering

I was quite busy during the run up to my first solo exhibition and had stopped painting a couple of weeks before. When I came back home, from the opening on a high, all I could think of doing was to start painting again. I got down to it only a few days later on the 31st. This painting just flowed… upto this point 😀 It was extra special not having a need to finish it quickly! A hectic social calendar, a trip to India and then a photo book project ensured that it still stands incomplete on my easel.

An offering - wip

Almost all my paintings have “names”  and this one is called “An offering”.   Today while doing some research on the flower and it’s properties I found some interesting information.

The Bangla month of Ashar began June 15, but only now has the rainy season truly arrived: the kadam trees have blossomed and, in the streets of Dhaka, boys are selling kadam flowers.

Kadam is also available in India and is a flower associated with Krishna.   Here in Bangladesh it is said to usher in the monsoons.  The flower has a lot of medicinal properties too.

Kadam (Anthocephalus cadamba) is traditionally believed to bring happiness and prosperity.  source.

I’ve resurrected this post which had been in draft mode for a while now.  The flurry of activities that keeps me away from painting continues.  We move to Colombo shortly having spent 3 and half happy years here in Dhaka thanks to wonderful friends.  Today the packers have put away all my paints and brushes.   It’s going to be a while before I’m all set up in a new studio.

I know I’m being overly sentimental but moving does that to me.  Here’s wishing you all happiness and prosperity!


6 thoughts on “An offering

  1. I would let this painting sit and shine, it is complete (I feel) and very beautiful. The best to you and your family on your relocation.

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  3. thank you bob for the wonderful comment. bits of the arm/hand, eyes and neck that are bothering me in terms of proportion and shape. but it’s not like i can go in and fix it like i want to either 😛 i shall take your advice and let it be and look at it again after a while.

  4. Ujwala
    I’ve seen this painting and loved it.
    The “Kadam” flower is intriguing to photograph and no matter how I’ve tried I cannot render it the way I “see” it.

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