Subtract : Illustration Friday

Everytime I add to a painting I subtract something from what was before.  Not being in the stage where i can bring it back keeps me worrying about the next session 😛  I’m hoping it will get easier sometime soon. I found that working digitally has the key advantages of undo levels and  layers which allow me to overcome the addition/subtraction problem but other perceived problems prevent me from using it for more than studies.

A piece that I’m currently working on. Red – wip, 12″ X 12″ oil on canvas.

Red - wip 1

Red - wip 2


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8 thoughts on “Subtract : Illustration Friday

  1. Hi Ujwala!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrreat work!

    I love the colours and the expression in the eyes is really fascinating!

    The red works sooo……. well.

    You have such an original, unique and strong style.

    Each time I see your faces I am left impressed and touched.

    Please continue would love to see the painting once you’re done.

    All the best!



  2. Thank you. I was hoping to convey a mixture of anger and fear. Planning on finishing it in the next couple of weeks.

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