Portraits : Pencil and Pen & Ink

yet another attempt

Normally for my pen & inks I use the pen lightly to make a rough drawing before going in further to add the shading and edges.  While it is relatively easy to recover from the minor errors, others will have you wanting to start afresh.  After reading a few books on drawing with ink, I have been wanting to try a different method – by forming a faint, bare outline with a pencil as a foundation before proceeding to complete the drawing in ink.   With the plan that this outline can later be erased.  

Bearing that in mind I started the drawing below in pencil.  I was not happy with the initial outline and kept using the eraser to correct.   The new lines that I made didnt make me any happier and I realised that I needed to fill in a bit more to be sure that the initial drawing was correct.   When I reached that point I was half way there and would have had to erase a lot to get back to the outline stage.   Also wasnt sure whether all that erasing would’nt make the ink bleed.  I gave up and continued with the pencil.

pencil sketch

New methods and experiments also teach me about my way of working.  Here I have learnt that my method is such that I correct along the way and that I prefer the pen to the pencil.  An option which also allows the secret voice in my head to say that had it been with a pencil it would’ve been perfect!  A point that has been proved wrong here and I briefly wondered what the voice would say the next time  😛

I went back to my usual method of sketching with a pen last evening and I must say that I’m more pleased with this result.  The small voice still had the same message.  It just refused to acknowledge the presence of the drawing and said that the pen & ink would’ve been perfect had I used a pencil and that for a quick sketch this was perfect : )  Btw I spent a couple of hours on this pen & ink too!

yet another attempt

appologies for the photographs.  the support used for both are the same. it is actually a shade of  cream.  a bit more yellow than the first photo and lot less than the second.


2 thoughts on “Portraits : Pencil and Pen & Ink

  1. I like your drawings, pencil and ink. I go back and forth with the two also, but prefer the pen too. I’ve always thought that doing a pencil drawing before the ink was kind of being a chicken. Even though a lot of my drawings might come out better, I like to be bold.

  2. thank you Fred : ) I love experimenting and still hope to try out at least one based on a pencil drawing to see if it helps me with likeness.

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