Opinion : Illustration Friday


In my opinion there’s a bit of George Bush, Alfred E Newman and traces of a beard in this sketch.  All not wanted and unintentional.


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13 thoughts on “Opinion : Illustration Friday

  1. heheheh! that’s how it started out and things were fine in the beginning but then it deteriorated to this….. i was too embarassed to put Obama’s name down because of how it turned out. didnt want to believe it when i saw a glimpse of george bush in it… dunno what happened… lol!

  2. I think the feel of this is Obama – I could see it in the thumbnail. It is quite beautiful. Possibly where it resembles him in feeling but less literally is around the eyes, as he frequently has a thoughtful expression (unlike Bush) which requires him compressing his eyebrows above his nose.

  3. the reference i used was from a bunch of obama photos which were sent in an email. i cant find the image online to link to it. i’m now determined to do several more till i get him right : ) thank you for the comments.

  4. I’m grinning at your comments–it’s very perceptive of you to see those other ghosts in there! Hopefully they won’t make a guest appearance at the White House, however…

  5. thanks heather. : ) i hope not too!

    thank you anish. pen & inks are a bit rusty having spent the last few months painting and not looking for a likeness.

  6. your pen and ink technique are beautiful, the thought that nothing has been eraced intriques me. what kind of pens do you like?

  7. thank you linda. i like the informality of sketching directly on the paper without a preliminary drawing. i’ve used the lamy safari pen for the last few sketches. earlier i’ve used rotring drawing pens. mostly it is whichever thin nibbed/point pen that i can find in my pencil case. the fatter nibbed pens are not as forgiving. Both the lamy and the rotring pens a favourites.

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