Routine : Illustration Friday

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Friends and readers of this blog know that I’ve been trying to build painting into my daily routine for a while now.   The time I spend on the computer every day has prevented me from succeeding so far.  There’s an interesting article in NY Times “Wake Up. Wash Face. Do Routine. Now Paint.” about artists and their routines.  The Artists Way by Julia Cameron once helped me jumpstart daily art activity.  Then, it was in addition to attending art college and my class work.  I’m hoping that the book by Carol Lloyd, Creating a Life Worth Living and delaying the acquisition of a MacBook (currently in the process of selling my PowerBook) will help me achieve my objective.

Started this earlier today.  30″ X 36″ Acrylic on Canvas. WIP.  Photo ref copyright Manu.  Used with permission.  You can see the earlier smaller piece made using the same ref here.


Check out many more interpretations on


11 thoughts on “Routine : Illustration Friday

  1. This is cool – I love the green undertone in the black hair – did you mix the black yourself, I wonder? I have recently stopped using black from a tube because of this cool effect… I must try mixing with green sometime.

  2. The yellow background has contributed to that effect. I used a mix of Bone Black, Burnt Umber and Primary Blue. I’ll be adding layers over this soon. Here today, gone tomorrow 😀 Thank you Stace for stopping by.

  3. Wonderful painting Ujwala, lovely effect. Thanks for the link to the article, I find this subject fascinating as routine is something I’m constantly struggling with – it’s so important. I hope you find the Carol Lloyd book useful!

  4. Beautiful work here! Yes, “the Artist’s Way” has helped me out a great deal as well (also Danny Gregory’s “Creative License”). Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up and lost on the computer and lose track of time and what’s important. Best of luck on your artistic journey!

  5. steve : me too! Thank you

    studio lolo : enjoyed that one too. 😀

    indigene : thank you. so very true re the computer.

  6. May I say I really like this version better; it’s gorgeous. And thanks for the link to the article!

  7. searlait : thank you.

    conniemartin : i too like the bigger version. there was more room to move around with big brushes that I’m using 😀 you’re welcome and thanks for stopping by.

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