Wanting to be painterly

The Chanachur Man - wip

Thinking and trying not to get caught up in trying to get all the details.  Trying to be free and painterly and even if I’m not there yet it’s been fun.

I know I’ve given the men in the background oversized heads but didnt feel like correcting it. Marked as wip as it doesnt feel done yet. I’m going to sleep on it and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.  Do you see anything that needs changing?

Here’s a sepia version put up because it looked nice. Maybe I’ll do one in brown tones 😀

The Chanachur man - wip - sepia


2 thoughts on “Wanting to be painterly

  1. My Hero
    I am so happy to see that you are back at the ASL, and I remember when I could walk to the school and just hang out there. I miss that. Hey, I like what you are doing both with your approach to painting and your composition selection. Stay well

  2. thank you very much Bob 😀 And it would’ve been great to meet you in person! These two weeks with Sherrod have been great. I would definitely recommend a class with him. I hadnt realised that every August the school is open for just two weeks 😦 One more day of painting and sculpture each.

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