Sculpture update

6 hrs6 hrs

Last Saturday I forgot to take photographs when I finished for the day. Remembered to take it first thing in the morning this Saturday. Two things are clear. The face is too narrow, especially the top of her head. And the gap between the edge of her eyes and the beginning of the ear too wide.

For the sculpture session the chair that the model sits on is placed on a base which revolves like a lazy susan and is rotated periodically. Our busts are on stands with wheels and we rotate them to match the angle the model is currently at and work on what we see on that particular side.

I kept correcting my mistakes by adding more clay and ended up with the head becoming almost twice the size of the model. And while from the front view there was a likeness it was all messed up from the profile views. Barney Hodes is a good teacher and makes you see where you are going wrong. His advice was to align the bust with the model and sit across the room and look at both of them to see what areas needed work.  He also pointed out the profile error which I needed to fix.

I had grown quite attached to the front of the face and it took me a few minutes before I could get myself to take off large chunks from the front to sort out the profile problem. The two photographs below were taken a bit before the correction stage had started. Was too exhausted at the end of the day and didnt take photo updates.

The next session is going to be the last one. I hope I manage to get the bust to a more finished stage. This time too all I will have left of this bust is photographs. I’m going to make sure the next time I get left with a more substantial memento like maybe a mask for my wall either in plaster or terracotta.

12 hrs12 hrs


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