At TASL NY once more

I’ve signed up for a month of painting, 5 days a week and a sculpture class all day on Saturdays at The Art Students League New York for the month of August. TASL follows the atelier method of teaching. I’ll be writing more about my classes here through the month. For now I’m posting a couple of sketches and progress on the clay bust.

The models change or the pose changes on a weekly basis. Aug 1st was a Friday and the last day of the models pose and so I decided to spend the time getting comfortable with drawing from life. Two pen & ink sketches from day 1.

pen & ink pen & ink

It’s been over two years since I last messed around with clay. It was exciting to be doing so once again. Decided to work on a bust. These progress shots were taken during the lunch break. Worked on it for about 3 more hrs that day. Hopefully I’ll remember to take some shots before I start work on it this coming Saturday.

after 3 hrs after 3 hrs


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