Portrait swap with Nadine

nadine - pen & ink

I was thrilled to hear from Nadine regarding a swap and accepted immediately. One of the activities I enjoy is portrait swaps. Lately I’ve had the chance to do a few but with the holidays just a week away this will be the last for a while.

Nadine‘s work is a pleasure to see and I’ve been admiring them over at The Portrait Party blog. Recently when visiting her blog I asked her about her technique soon after found that she had very generously shared a step-by step of her process. Have a look. She’s made it look easy and it’s something I’d certainly like to try out too. I’m looking forward to seeing her version of me 😀 ( Update :  You can see it here and she has done a great job 😀 )

The photograph above is a crop of the drawing I made of Nadine this morning ( 3rd attempt 😛 ) . It’s more of a sketch actually. You can see the full piece below.

nadine - pen & ink


2 thoughts on “Portrait swap with Nadine

  1. Oh this one is great! I love the technique used. It has a feeling of lots of chaos and energy but balanced beautifully by the calm expression casual air feeling of the pose. Stunning!

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