A Hoard of WIP’s

Being a pack rat makes it easy for me to hoard. The one which I’m not at all happy with is my growing collection of WIP’s. This here, is the first in a long, long time that has been taken further. Hopefully it should happen to more of them soon.

Linocut print 3

Managed to take a couple of prints while at a workshop. I can tell you that there is loads of difference from being an absolute novice and using a barren to print at home to taking a print with the full pressure applied by a printing press. The piece above is dark and sort of beautifully embossed. As you might’ve gathered I’m happy with the results! For the print taken at home there must have been other issues of not inking enough and / or not wetting the paper properly etc.. A problem, however, with both the prints is that the border was not cleaned well enough. This is a benchmark though in terms of the possibilities. The plan is to head back to the art college soon to take more prints. The home printing effort has been put below for comparision.

home print

Some how-to’s from around the web.
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3 thoughts on “A Hoard of WIP’s

  1. Very nice print.

    Sometimes printing can be a little unpredictable. in the second print (done at home) I would guess that maybe either your ink was not wet enough or you did not use enough ink, or that your paper did not have a good surface for taking the ink.

  2. Thank you Kate. The unpredictable part is the exciting part for me. I think you’re right on all 3 counts. Having been to two recent workshop I now have a benchmark in my mind to judge my home prints against.

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