A full day

Reading two of Robert Genn’s recent letters, The Early Morning Club and Control has left me wanting some discipline in my painting life. After a looooong time of trying I’ve had a full day today. Two half hour singing practice sessions, lunch with a friend, painting, taking photographs, surfing and now relaxing, blogging.

A gorgeous view – the light was perfect today. The photograph is much darker but you can still get a feel of the magic.
todays view

With the setting sun came an added bonus of a rainbow and that too without rains! I didnt know that that could happen.

Continued work on a painting I started last night. At 20″ X 36″ it’s a bit larger than most of my recent work.



2 thoughts on “A full day

  1. Your photographs are stunning, especially the first one!

    I really like your new painting. It’s an interesting composition, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

  2. Thank you Jenny. The monsoons are due any day now accounting for this absolutely fabulous glow during sunset. Unfortunately i’m not up at sunrise 😛 The perspective of the table is driving me bananas in this painting.

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