Copy a Master – more Van Gogh

Copy a Master Copy a Master
Copy a Master Copy a Master

“Head of a Peasant Woman in a White Cap” (1884) / “The Zouave”, Arles, 1888 / “Portrait of Patience Escalier”, Arles, 1888 / “Portrait of Armand Roulin” Arles 1888

Worked on these 4 starting last evening. I love Van Gogh’s work and it felt like a shame to not participate properly in the current MOM especially as it had been extended by a month to the end of March. While these are not the piece I had in mind I had a super time working on them. Surprisingly they took a lot more time to complete than I had planned for leaving me quite exhausted. I’m happy to report that all this practice using acrylics is helping me get (re)familiar with the medium.

These were made for the Van Gogh MOM thread over at Wetcanvas! and for the 30dayartist.

8″ X 10″ acrylics on illustration board.


6 thoughts on “Copy a Master – more Van Gogh

  1. Thank you Shirley. I’ve signed up to be the 30dayartist of the month and need to post 40 pieces of work this month. With these 4 the count has reached 25. I can put up sketches and I will but I was hoping to feel some pressure and get some of the work I had in mind finished.

  2. You are one busy artist! These copies are very good. “The Zouave” has always been one of my favorites. Good luck on your goal.

  3. heheh! 😀 I have too! Wasnt too happy with the last few that I put up though. I’m with friends and hoping that the painting daily, together, will help us improve our work.

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