A palette knife experiment and KMP 14/100

I’ve used the palette knife rarely in these past years and then it’s been combined with brush work. Decided to rectify that by making a small piece using just a knife. Ended up using one large and one small. It was still difficult to maneuver and place the paint where i wanted it to.
Ticket Seller 2

This second piece was made exclusively with a brush. Because of the palette knife experience the work began with the filling in of the umbrella shapes and the drawing stopped there and the rest was just painted on. There is much more detail in the second one that I wanted.
Ticket Seller 2

The next time I shall try using both – the palette knife for the background and a brush to bring out the details in the pt of focus.

10″ X 8″ acrylic on illustration board

KMP’s are skill building exercises advised by Kevin Macpherson in his book Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color. I started these in 2007 and am continuing with it in 2010. If you want to know more about this set of exercises click here.


2 thoughts on “A palette knife experiment and KMP 14/100

  1. thank you. I like it better too 😀 The only bit that I’m not happy with is the man behind the counter. In the second one, the left side is a bit boring. cropping out a third of the portion to the left should make it better. or maybe removing the two sacks at the bottom left?

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