Heavy : Illustration Friday

Ekla cholo re

Sometimes, when there is a heavy load to bear, you have to walk alone.

This painting has been inspired by Tagore‘s poem “Ekla cholo re” (walk alone) and is one of 10 paintings that go on display at the “Friends and Faces” exhibition starting tomorrow and continues till the end of the month.

If you happen to be in Dhaka, please drop by at the Art Gallery, Ground Floor, Standard Chartered Bank, Gulshan Avenue anytime between 9am and 8pm (except on holidays) and do leave us you comments. Look forward to seeing you there.
“Ekla cholo re” 24″ By 36″ acrylic on canvas


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11 thoughts on “Heavy : Illustration Friday

  1. Such an expressive painting, Ujwala. The approach to composition, colour and mark-making is so thoughtful. Wonderful stuff.

  2. i almost went a heavy-eyelids thing this week. like the unstable horizon: it somehow adds more empathy to your protagonist.

  3. thank you for the wonderful comments. the first day of the exhibition went off very well. there seems to be a lot more to having an exhibition than making the paintings and it has been keeping me busy. hope to be back with more soon.

  4. a big leap i think your work has a lot of emotion,keep going, all the sketches together are also very good.

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