Colour Charts

Colour MixingColour MixingColour MixingColour MixingColour Mixing

Well, this was long overdue.  It’s now more than two years that I have been meaning to mix colours and make these charts.  Finally a beginning.   Not sure if I’m up for all the brush cleaning required for a similar exercise with oil paints.  With acrylics it wasnt so bad.  Just changed the water 3-4 times.   It turned out to be fun.  Wish I had tackled these earlier.  If you are hesitating just take the plunge it will be well worth your while.


4 thoughts on “Colour Charts

  1. Color charts are always worth the time spent, and they are a great reference when needed. Just doing the charts is a learning experience. I agree about the brush-cleaning part. Nothing is ever simple.

  2. I’m just now exploring acrylics after only having worked in oils (100 years ago). I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who does color charts.

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