Art Group meet moves to Thursday

African Lady

The art group will now meet on Thursdays and today was the first day in a long long time that it was held in my home.   We all had a go at drawing a beautiful wooden sculpture of a Masai Lady.   The unknown sculptor has done a fabulous job.  Unfortunately I have not been able to capture how beautiful she is.  You can see my earlier attempt here.


7 thoughts on “Art Group meet moves to Thursday

  1. I love both of your attempts! She is beautiful! How did you achieve the wonderful texture of the area next to her on the second drawing?

  2. The flat of a round charcoal stick was used for the background. The texture created is because of the surface of the paper. Glad you like them. Thank you.

  3. Sp beautiufl. I am learning so much from my figure drawing class. i only hope to one day be able to render the human form as beautifully as you do!

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  6. marta you do draw very well. this model was sitting very still 😛 you should see my life drawing efforts. i’m hoping to draw some more from life soon and this time look at the whole figure instead of focusing on the face.

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