Multiple : Illustration Friday


Multiple layers = herd of stampeding ( thanks to velvet’s comment ) baby elephants?


Check out many more interpretations on


8 thoughts on “Multiple : Illustration Friday

  1. velvet : thank you. you are right. they look like they are stampeding but that absolutely evaded me when i was writing the line. i’ll update it with your input now. 😀

    teri : thank you 😀 didnt strike me last night but next time i should also increase or decrease the size of the object in the layer to make them look a bit different.

  2. true. we were chased by an angry elephant when we stopped to take photographs of her calf who’d got left behind on the other side of the road. luckily a. the drivers had kept the motors running and b. she gave up the chase pretty quickly because of her calf. we did get a big scare though 😀

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