Still Life with Kuhu – 1 & 2

Still Life at Kuhu's

I’m thrilled to be studying with Kuhu once more.  Her exhibition was a big hit.  And while she’s preparing for the next one in March she is giving us a few lessons gratis.  The plan is to learn to capture form and the use of colours using Still Life and a model.

A plaster of paris bust of a woman was set up on the table on a red cloth with a black backdrop.   On day 1, I added colours in quantities I would never have imagined to an object that is white.  I was aware of reflected colours and did notice some pinks here and there.  On my own I would’ve added a few strokes of pink to these areas towards the end.  We used a lot of red, blue, yellow and black.  We also learnt to use a viewfinder to compose.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it coming together today.  It needs a few more layers to make the it look like it’s been made of plaster of paris instead of concrete.  For a while it was looking human and so I’m excited that at the end of day 2 it is beginning to resemble the bust!  I hope you think it looks like one too.


2 thoughts on “Still Life with Kuhu – 1 & 2

  1. It absolutely looks like a bust. It’s amazing how much color one can see in something that appears to be white. I know when I was beginning many years ago, someone told me never to use pure white pastel in my pastel paintings. At the time, I thought that was crazy.

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