Choose : Illustration Friday


I choose people as subjects for my paintings and drawings. Nothing else seems to compare.


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14 thoughts on “Choose : Illustration Friday

  1. thank you Teri and Ed. have to confess that the model got a bit of a fright when she first saw this. she is very attractive and that has not come through. luckily, inspite of my sketch, she’s still a friend 😀

  2. Fabian : I sketch these from photo references and enjoy the short time it takes. About an hr as compared with paintings that take much longer.

    genxters : [blush] thank you 😀

    indigene : thank you. glad for the company. have a look at genxsters [comment above yours] work. she does a great job of drawing faces.

  3. …and you handle them so beautifully. I love your use of line, your line quality, your handling of the image. Lovely! Keep ’em comin’!

  4. excellent!! i love line draws and this one is really expressive! congratulations =)

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