Rotating Mediums

In line with current resolutions, wanted to make something and wanted it to be quick. The pen and inks I’ve been making lately are very detailed. I was wanting the freedom of some earlier pen and wash pieces. The weekend magazine that had arrived that morning had an arresting photograph of a famous theater personality who had recently passed away – Selim Al Deen. I made a very rough sketch with the pen and jumped in with some transparent photo colour ink. Tried going in a while later to make some corrections and ended up over-working it.


The next day made one directly with the brush, without using the pen. This is my second attempt. I look like a wild woman in the earlier one with my hair flying in all directions :D. I think some marks are required to anchor the features before laying in the wash. That will figure in my third attempt.

self portrait


4 thoughts on “Rotating Mediums

  1. Great combination of the flowing line and solid mass of the ink wash. That photo was quite an inspiration – it must have been very captivating, because your image certainly is.

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