Mixed Media

When it is finished it’ll qualify for the title given to this post. So far it is in acrylics and today I plan to add oil paints to it. I’ve added a couple of layers of wash to the background and to the two male figures in it to make that part of the painting recede. Looks like a lot more of something is required before that happens. Any suggestions? Plan to add some texture to the woman in the middle to make sure that she is the focus of the painting.


Update : Later in the day 😀 : one more wip. this time the layer with oil and two options using layers in art rage to make the background recede.

P1010477.JPGtesadtesad 2

Update : Feb 7, 2008 : This is the first piece in which I’ve used both acrylics and oil. Though I’d used acrylics to tone the canvas before starting in oil, it had never crossed my mind to make a more complete painting in acrylic and then add oil until Bob Martin suggested it. He helped me immensely by making a demo and posting a step-by-step to illustrate his process. I have to thank him for this piece. You can see the final version here.


6 thoughts on “Mixed Media

  1. Dear Ujwala, I do not know whether this will be of any help to you, but I have been taught that the best way to make the background recede was to paint it lighter/paler in color with fewer contrasts and to soften the edges. Actually this is the only way that really works for me :))

  2. Thank you Silvia. Your way makes a lot of sense. I made the background all the things I shouldnt have – dark with a lot of contrast and sharp edges 😀 However I’m pleased that unknowingly I was trying to achieve the later two by making the background darker – less contrast and blurred edges. Great advice, this will certainly be on my mind the next time.

  3. She really starts to ‘pop’ as you darken the background. I agree with the first comment, lighter background will probably be better.

  4. Cynthia : thank you. i was trying to get away from painting just faces.

    Thank you, Marta. i loved painting her saree because of all the bright colours. most of the women in rural bangladesh have a great sense of colour and driving along is a visual treat.

    Cameron : I’ve finished this painting but will keep the suggestion in mind for the b/g next time. thank you.

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