3 recent pen & inks and some thoughts

Self PortraitYakubPen 'n Ink

Recently saw the work of an Indian printmaker, Anupam Sud. Her figurative etchings are very inspiring. It also opened up the possibility of trying out my drawings in a different medium. I’m now looking at finding ways to get hold of some plates to try an intaglio (?) I’ve done it once before in college but that as you can see below was very basic. The wide range of possibilities had not sunk in. Mostly due to a lack of studying or research, on my part, before the classes started. Also I had not settled into this style of drawing then.

Kali Ma
“Kali Ma” my first etching not numbered or signed as I still hoped to do more work on the plate. The goddess Kali symbolizes birth, life, death and the seeds of creation. The complete cycle.

Experimented once with Lino too but couldn’t get the fineness i was looking for and also used the wrong paper to take a print!

If you’re interested in printmaking check out Amie Roman‘s exceptional resource list on squidoo and you can see her wonderful work on her blog. Source : Who’s made a mark this week?. Amie also posts her step-by-steps making it easier for you to understand the printmaking process. There is also an active forum of printmakers on WetCanvas!


5 thoughts on “3 recent pen & inks and some thoughts

  1. The museum in my city has a wonderful printing program. I have always been interested but no time and it’s a bit expensive. But the creativity that happens there is intoxicating. These are wonderful ….

  2. Cynthia : Thank you for making my day 😀

    Marta : That sounds fabulous. Having access to the finished pieces would be a treat in itself. I’m keen on seeing how such a mess of lines would look on an etching. I did try something similar for a Lithograph but it just merged together into one blob of paint. Some experimentation will be required or expert advise 😀 My plan is to request a friend, a well known printmaker for her help in locating and making the plates. As always I have a 101 plans and ideas and so little time 😛

  3. Just stopping by to wish you a very artful and productive New Year! Your art is an inspiration and I hope to continue to follow along on your creative journey this coming year! Best wishes in 2008!

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