friend series

I’ve been feeling very restless lately. I think it was ten days ago when last I worked on my piece for the portrait swap. At first I was waiting for some feedback and now I dont even know what it is that I’m waiting for!

In the meantime, I pulled out this photograph of a friend of mine and had a go. Using acrylics after a break and once again having a problem with blending.  Gave up before the hour was up as the board was warping with all the water I’d added. 😀

For the first time I used watercolour brushes.  Of the two I preferred the synthetic one to the sable but I found the longer tips and shorter handles a bit difficult to use and added a bristle brush to the mix.  Still trying to paint loose without too many details.

8″ X 10″ acrylics on illustration board


9 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. I agree, this is well done. It reads well, great draftsmanship. the thing I question is the hand, lower right in the picture….I don’t think it adds to the composition.

  2. Ronell : thank you 😀 i’d like to get more of a feeling of form.

    Ed Terpening : the reason i left the arm in was initially because it was in the photograph 😛 and then later because i thought it added to the shyness in her smile. i do agree that it isnt looking good there. I had thought it was because of the brush strokes which makes it look like anatomically wrong or that I had placed it higher than it would naturally. I shall try out variations. Thank you for your suggestion. I really appreciate it.

  3. true. that has been on my mind for a while now. a new ultra zoom should be winging it’s way to me soon to correct that problem in my photo references. in this one i just wanted to capture the expression on her face. thanks for stopping by.

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