Creative Drawing and Art Appreciation 3

Yesterdays CD & AA session was a discussion about using mechanical lines to draw. The orderliness, precision and the weight of such lines. We had a demo by Javed and then drawings of Juan Gris and Stuart Davis were shown and discussed. Both were influenced by Picasso and Cubism and expressed form in terms of line, plane and colour.

The exercise for the day was to make two drawings spontaneously using mechanical lines. We were to continue using black, wet medium – pen, ink, brush, markers etc. A third drawing was to be made using an office stapler as the take off point. I used a thick black marker for all three.

I am enjoying these sessions and the thrill of allowing myself to put whatever comes to mind on paper regardless of what it may mean. All this is a part of my subconscious mind and I am keen on learning to interpret them 😀


5 thoughts on “Creative Drawing and Art Appreciation 3

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  2. teri : i have never tried to draw a piece without having anything in my mind. usually i have some sort of thought. for example i start out to draw a face from my imagination. or when i used to doodle, they’d be just that, recognizable doodles. these were without giving myself any such direction. i found it fascinating that the brain still spewed out some stuff. Looking forward to learning to interpret these and also at a later stage we’ll be colouring them too 😀

    webster twelb : thank you.

  3. It’s not always easy to ignore your left brain and let your pen draw whatever comes to mind, whatever it may mean. Understanding it might be a different thing entirely! It’s very interesting and I can understand how you must be enjoying the exercise. Thanks for the intersting posts!

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