Monno Ceramics – A factory visit

Monno Ceramics

The BWA had organised a visit to the Monno Ceramics factory and though I had to wake up a couple of hours earlier than usual I was keen on going.

It took us about an hour to drive out to Savar. The factory consists of several large and long sheds. There were quite a few baking and heating lines which were automated. The rest of the process used mechanical equipment or were manual. All quite labor intensive. The section we visited was where they made the porcelain crockery. We had several escorts explaining the procedures.

First the stone is broken down and kneaded and then extruded into flat clay sheets. This is then send for kneading again and extruded into rolls of different dia. The roll is then hand sliced and the slabs put into plate moulds. The shapes are removed from the moulds, checked and sent for firing. At this stage the, after the first firing, the pieces are in the “biscuit” stage. The plates are apparently fired 4 times! The product is then hand checked and sent to the oven once more. This is then dipped into glaze and fired again. Decoration in the form of decals are added and it gets baked one last time. It is checked for faults at every stage. After the biscuit stage the breakage all becomes waste as it cannot be recycled. The process for bone china is the same except for the use of some chemical. I did take a bunch of photographs with my point and shoot but the flash was not strong enough in quite a few.

After the walk in the factory we went to the showroom to have a look at their local and export range of products. Monno Exports a large amount of its production. You’ll find the names of their large customers familiar. IKEA, Country Road, BHV, Monoprix, Pierre Cardin are some names that come to mind immediately. Soon there will be some more crockery in my home and this time it will be from Monno Ceramics. The factory visit was very enjoyable.


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