Superstition : Illustration Friday


Black cats crossing your path, friday the 13 or the no. 8 or 4 depending on where you lived and whole host of other superstions like not throwing salt on the ground etc. is what we grew up believing in. And like the not so scary cat in the illustration shows I’ve got over most of them and try not thinking about the few that remain 😀 For instance, I’m still a bit fidgety when I remember that it is Friday the 13th when that comes around.


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8 thoughts on “Superstition : Illustration Friday

  1. yeah they say 13 is bad luck indeed.. but then again my addy is 13. and i live in that house for more than 20 years.. no BIG bad luck so far.. hehe..

    this is a nice take for this week’s topic..

  2. Wonderful work Ujwala! I’ve been thinking about you since yesterday, when I heard about the hurricane in Bangladesh – are you ok?

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