Unusual Birthday Party and the Portrait once more

Unusual Birthday Party

An unusual birthday party where we all left with goodie bags that we might have taken home when we were ten or less. We all donned our crazy hats, blew the whistles, wore cardboard sunglasses and got pictures taken. Luckily we were in a private room at the restaurant as we were bringing the house down. It was a wonderful idea and everyone enjoyed regressing a bit.

A day which began with me singing a few lines of a song from Jungle Book … It’s a doobie dee do, it’s a doobie dee day. I think Baloo sings it when he’s having a happy carefree day. Morning in a book shop. A wonderful Birthday Party in the afternoon with an exciting Korean meal. Fried Pakodas for dinner.

All this had me wanting to the give that photo ref another shot. I got a bit carried away and used the copic marker that I had recently acquried and Rotring with brown ink. I even tried erasing some lines using a knife. It got messed up a bit but I like it better than yesterdays effort.

Self Portrait

The Borat DVD has been sitting at home for months and has been slotted for tonight. I hope it isnt awful as I enjoyed watching Kurosawa’s the “The Seven Samurai” last night.


3 thoughts on “Unusual Birthday Party and the Portrait once more

  1. thank you casey. i wish i hadnt used the marker though. problem is that they’re sitting on my desk and i’m dying to use them 😛

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