Portrait in a hurry

Self Portrait

Today I was determined to put up something that I had made. Originally I had planned to post the paintings that I have submitted for an exhibition but realised later that I wanted that on my main blog. This one was done in a hurry to meet the midnight deadline of nablopomo. For once I’m really happy that I signed up as I might otherwise have just decided to call it a day.

It’s been a tiring day. Mostly because I had to do a bit of running around for the exhibition to meet todays deadline.  First was to write out my resume. I had a friend pitching in to polish it up. Surprisingly it wasnt as tough as I’d anticipated. I then had to take photographs of my paintings, send them out for printing, deposit all the information with the gallery and hand over the paintings to my framer. Phew!

Since I had the photographs for the post I felt I could relax for a few hours.  Started watching The Seven Samurai.  Halfway through realisation made me scuttle to my desk to draw and write these posts. Did do a cup of tea in between 😀

Made with pen & ink, from a photo reference, in my tiny pocket sized sketchbook.  I had wanted to add in colour but ran out of time.


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