A different Dhaka

Ricoh ad

This morning, the art group at Susannah’s was scheduled to go out and sketch in public. A first for us as a group.  We were meeting after a break of a couple of weeks and ended up being 3 instead of the usual 5.   We decided instead to spend the morning on foot taking photographs of city life in Dhaka.  We walked around Gulshan Lake initially but were soon in narrow lanes with only foot and rickshaw traffic.  A different Dhaka from the one I usually see.  And it was beautiful.  I hope we do it again soon.

My excuses for not having better photographs to show you are 😀  I had a point and shoot and the sun was very very bright. I really missed not being able to zoom beyond 4X.  A DSLR is steadily climbing up the ladder on my wish list. Here are a few of the photographs taken. Most were disappointing because of issues of light and distance.  I plan to step in closer to take the shot next time and if that is not possible, skip it.

Art morning at Susannah's

Art morning at Susannah's    Art morning at Susannah's

The pen & ink sketch is on beige colored hand made paper in a 5″X 6.5″ notebook.   The background is showing up a bit dark as it has been clicked without a flash in incandescent light. The photo ref is a Ricoh ad from an old issue of National Geographic on Egypt.


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