Trick or Treat? : Illustration Friday

Trick or Treat?

I’d only seen Trick or Treating, Halloween and the cutout pumpkins in the movies. I think they were horror movies and so those unpleasant memories were sort of wiped off. This day passed like any other when we were growing up.

My first exposure was, in Shanghai, when a bunch of kids rang my door bell. When they figured out that I didn’t know what they wanted they quickly spelled it out! They wanted candy!! Lol! And they got it. Distributed all the chocolates my husband ( I dont have a sweet tooth ) was hoarding. Imagine his dismay when he got back home and discovered that his midnight treats were all missing.

The doorbell rang several times that evening. They were mostly little ones – 5-6 year olds. I also noticed that adults were lurking around in the landing. It was nice to know that they were not wandering around unescorted.

For all of you who follow it “Happy Halloween!”


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